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Entry #2

Working with Flash CS4 !

2009-02-21 19:25:36 by ralph22

Uploaded the most recent part as it stands right now. I have not worked on it in months. BUT seeing how the quarter is finally over, I am hoping to finish this in the coming two weeks.

Hell, I think I might even scrap the whole thing and start from scratch.

It can be found here:

Dark Temple (BETAv7)



Working with Flash CS4 !


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2009-02-21 20:43:16

Pretty sure you cant
Unless you want to have the chance to get arrested through bootlegging...

ralph22 responds:

bummer. Someone mentioned it in a forum but I didnt think anything of it since i figured I could just google it. However google has failed so far and Adobe wants 1.8k for it! Thanks anyways :D