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Turned out great.

I really liked the stealth style you chose for the beginning part of the series. It was not the usual go in 'guns blazing' right from the start. This gave buildup for the action to come.

The level of detail put into this series is amazing, you keep getting better and better with each installment! I am very excited to see where you go with the story from here.

Nice job.

You have great attention to detail, I really enjoyed watching this. The damage effects to the environment and characters must have taken a long time to stage. The cloaking effect was nice touch too. Your year and a half of animating definitely paid off. Awesome work.

I look foreword to seeing your future animations.

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Great game. Overall everything works and handles smoothly. Good design, weapon durability was a nice touch.

Bit of an issue on wave 32 of Arena Mode, once troops stop spawning and only 2 G03LMS remain alive. In previous waves, the G03LMS were alive and I would get a wave complete and move to the next stage.

After taking out the last two red G03LMS, no more enemies spawned. My squad then all ran to the right side of the screen and will continuously attack the furthest wall, just below the right side door. I am unsure if an enemy spawned behind the wall and is unkillable/stuck or if the last dead G03LM is being registered as still alive. I have retried this several times and this has happened consistently. Not sure if anyone else is having this bug.

Other than this issue, excellent game I look forward to seeing where you guys take it from here! Thank you.

Great game, though I did notice that if I gave too many people creation abilities they would set the world ablaze... It would be nice if the main mod had a purge option to reset all the blocks in game. Really fun.

Nice work for a beta!

Animation flowed smoothly, the game was challenging and fun to play. Took awhile to get the hang of but it was engaging once I learned, taking over the last keep was somewhat hard but its possible :D It was some what annoying having to wait for my unit pool to cycle through when I ran out of troops to deploy but that is my only complaint. I did find one bug, if you hit 'cultivate' and then when you are attacked and see the swords flash you can click 'build unit' and instantly go to the build unit menu skipping the fight altogether, suffering no losses but still gaining all the resources. So you could just amass resources without having to fend off attackers :) Can't wait to see it with sound, maybe more units? Siege weapons would be nice to take out towers... Good work.


CS4 work underway.

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